2019 - Another Year of Becoming

To begin again at the beginning. That is the task in front of us each and every day. To start from the same place armed with the information that we have garnered from our previous work. And to apply the knowledge earned to the moment that we are in.

That is the task that I set for myself as we begin this New Year. I feel that I have made progress this passed year. I know myself a bit better and the work on the craft that I am pursuing has shown me that I am coming closer to an understanding of what I can do with the clay. Not every day produces the desired result, but even those pieces whose outcomes don’t make it to the desired end still offer instruction and those pieces can in good part be the most successful in that they show the way forward in a way that realized pieces may not.

I am thankful for the opportunity to pursue this creative work each day that I choose. How lucky to be able to sit at the wheel, to carve, experiment with glaze and color, to see the magic of the fire and smoke. Nothing is guaranteed, each piece has a beginning and only in time will we see what it will become.

It's the Summer Update

Well we have gone from a rainy and cool Spring to the Summer, which has had a bit of everything. Sometimes in Summer it is hard to work in the studio as it is simply, too hot! 

I am actually happy to report that this Summer has not stopped me from being in the studio. I continue to find new options, approaches and a new impetus to discover. New shapes, larger forms, challenging myself to go beyond the normal routine that has been the 'normal'. It is interesting that without really working toward a different methodology in my approach that I have somehow discovered that which has always been there, waiting to come to the fore.   

New items have been added to the site. Fun and Functional, All things Floral categories are continuing to see additions as I, by trial and error explore the use of glazes and other surface treatments. 

I feel as though I am getting closer to understand what I am doing! Sometimes by not looking you actually begin to see. 

Check out some of the new additions when you have the time and let me know what you think as well. Your comments continue to inform and challenge!

All About Flowers and Plants

Well the calender has progressed though the weather has not quite caught up. Spring is starting to show its face in the gardens and the greenhouse here at the pottery. This Winter I have been working on some new ideas for the deck and for those cut flowers to come a bit later in the Summer. I now can offer small pots that are perfect for succulents, medium sized for herbs and the window sill and some larger pieces for small trees or your larger growing plants. 

Also, vases of different sizes for those cut flower arrangements. WE love to have a variety of offerings on our deck in season and these new pots are a little different. Glazed, some etched with designs, thrown and altered a bit to give a bit of movement and hopefully serve as a good container to complement all manner of plants and your floral ideas. 

Take a look!          ALL THINGS FLORAL

More Additions - Urns of Color

The suggestion was made to me that I might do some urns with a bit of color in addition to my original offerings. I have just added some examples to the Catalogue. They are glazed only on the exterior surface. As you will see, some have a bit more color that the others. 

New Additions to the Catelogue

I know.... It has been quite some time since I have updated the site and I take full responsibility for being lax. Yet, I have been experimenting and trying to broaden my horizons. I have just posted some new items that you will find under the 'Fun and Functional' heading, the result of some suggestions from some kind folks and experimentation with new glazes. 

That is only part of what I have been doing and I will be posting in the next few days some other ideas that I have been working on. Check out the new 'Urns of Color' which I hope to get up and on the site before Labor Day. 


An Invitation - My First Studio Sale

Time to open the doors and have my first sale. Saturday and Sunday May 6 - 7 from 10 AM - 3 PM the you are invited to  my first sale here at the pottery.

The address: 210 Scuderhook Road Hudson NY 12534 (we are actually in Livingston - but your GPS will get you here).

The weather is a bit iffy, but all is good. Look forward to seeing you if you are in the neighborhood!

What’s New for the New Year

Sitting here at my desk watching the snow falling silently, the squirrels huddle against the tree trunks trying to keep warm. It is a privilege to be able to retreat to the studio on a day like today and sit next to my glowing kiln, firing the last of my year-end pieces and some new work. This year the goal is to create more of the Fun and Functional. Call it ‘Dinnerware’ if you like, it is what I feel is perfect for this rural setting, yet appropriate for your table regardless of where you might be. Place settings, serving pieces, small plates for condiments and sides, vases for floral. Each piece individually made, their variations adding uniqueness, not unlike the snowflakes outside my window.


And…. I would like to thank Juan Carlos Casas for his suggestion and design of a new Logo for the Pottery. He is correct when observing that the signature that I put on the bottom of each pot should be out in front as well. Gracias Hombre!



As previously mentioned, I have been invited along with several other selected artists to exhibit in a Special Holiday Salon organized by Evelyn Barton of Hudson Valley Finds. The Salon will be held over the next two weekends from 11 AM -7 PM each day. She has selected several of my hand carved, sawdust fired works and as well will be showcasing some of my new Dinnerware ideas. 

Additional information is available on her website: hudsonvalleyfinds.com

If you are looking for the unique gift for that Special Someone or simply for yourself this would be a wonderful place to find it! 

The Holiday Season is Upon Us

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I can announce that after a few fits and starts I am beginning to make some progress not only in my endeavor to create through the medium of clay, but also getting the opportunity to show my work to a larger audience. Back in August I had the opportunity to participate in the Hillsdale NY Arts Walk, my first show ever. Now in the next few weeks I will again be able to show in two separate venues. 

The first is at my friend's Hair Salon, Hernan Prada Hair, in Bedford Hills NY on Saturday December 3rd, during regular business hours from 9 - 5 PM. 

The second will be on two successive weekends at a Special Holiday Salon offered by EB Hudson Valley Finds in Milan NY, Saturday - Sunday December 10-11 and 17-18. Hours are yet to be announced. 

All additional information will be forthcoming via email to you that have been kind enough to share your information with me in the past. 

I very much look forward to these opportunities and hope that if you are in the neighborhood you will stop by and have a look see!

Making Progress

Over this last year I have begun to settle in to the idea that what I really would like to do is to create through the medium of clay. As many of you know the restaurant business has been my main endeavor for many many years. The time has come to close that chapter and to begin a new journey. 

I have spent much time trying to 'find my voice' in clay and have finally settled in on two approaches, at least for now, that I feel work for me. I love the hand carved, burnished and saw dust fired work of my teacher Nancee Meeker and will continue to find my expression through that medium, whether through the Urns that hold the ashes of our departed loved ones or more decorative pieces.

I have also taken to the idea of the Fun and Functional. Utility is the guiding principal here with 'small plates' and larger pieces that are designed to work in the home, bar or cafe. The Mantra that I have borrowed from my friend Alex Lindsey is 'Dare to be Simple'. Simple forms, a bit of color and whimsy, all one of a kind!

As always, I invite you to follow along and welcome your feedback.